IJsvogel - Kingfisher

On a rainy and sometimes stormy sundaymorning I was about four hours in a hide and did get the chance to fotograph this beautyfull little bird. I hope you enjoy to watch these pictures as much as I had making them.
  • ijsvogel1  searching for fish

    1 searching for fish

  • ijsvogel2  attention..

    2 attention..

  • ijvogel2 met vis  good catch

    3 good catch

  • ijsvogel eet vis1  tast good

    4 tast good

  • ijsvogel3  watching for annemy's

    5 watching for annemy's

  • ijsvogel5  in all directions

    6 in all directions

  • ijsvogel dreigen2  danger?

    7 danger?

  • ijsvogel dreigen  you never know, let's make some noise

    8 you never know, let's make some noise

  • ijsvogel7  save

    9 save

  • ijsvogel4  who are you?

    10 who are you?

  • ijsvogel vleugel strekken1  stretching the wings

    11 stretching the wings

  • ijsvogel vleugel strekken2  total workout

    12 total workout

  • ijsvogel6  wind comes up

    13 wind comes up

  • ijsvogel weggeblazen  oops, almost blown away

    14 oops, almost blown away

  • ijsvogel opkrabbelen  back to position

    15 back to position

  • ijsvogel terug in positie  everything is under control

    16 everything is under control

  • ijsvogel9  on the watch again, still raining

    17 on the watch again, still raining